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Dutchie POS updates for the week of November 28

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Version 1.31

There will be no release for the week of November 21 due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. Version 1.31 will roll out during the week of November 28.

New features (Dutchie POS only)

  • Managing inventory tags is about to get easier! When you select multiple inventory items, you’ll see a new Edit tags option under Bulk actions. From there, you can apply one or more tags to all selected inventory items. Note that pre-existing tags on selected items will be removed and replaced.

  • We’re adding Med Price and Rec Price fields to the bulk receive workflow when dual pricing is enabled. Previously, there was no way to differentiate between med and rec pricing when receiving in bulk.

Fixes (Dutchie POS and LeafLogix)

This version includes fixes for the following issues:

  • The Register enforces daily purchase limits based on Eastern Time, regardless of a location’s local time zone.

  • Additional work to address product sizes not updating based on what was posted to the API.

  • Under Customers > Configure > Fields > Customer Profile (POS), the Name field reverts to Required after a user has changed it to Show or Hide.

  • We’re addressing some cases where the Register is not providing the best possible discount and not applying discounts when all conditions are met.

  • End of day reports timing out.

  • Gross weight, net weight, and harvest date not persisting after an internal transfer.

  • License number missing from labels printed from the Register.

  • Average Cart values shown on the Home view don’t match what’s reflected in the Closing Report.

  • Users are unable to remove the status of a package.

  • British Columbia: the BC Non-Medical Cannabis Monthly Report is not adding up Total Reductions correctly.

Already released (Dutchie POS only)

The following fixes and enhancements have already been released as of November 16.


  • The Quantity field wasn’t auto-populating when converting a unit-based non-cannabis product to a weight-based non-cannabis product.

  • When adding a discount constraint, the ability to scroll right was blocked by the trash can icon, preventing users from selecting some of the constraint options.

  • We addressed these two issues in the Create Packages modal:

    • At locations with the multi-package creation feature enabled, some users reported an intermittent issue where the first two characters of the Metrc tags (“1A”) would be transposed (“A1”) after the user entered them.

    • Package ID and External Package ID fields only allowed adding digits to the end rather than being able to use the arrow keys to edit the middle of the package ID.

  • Some customers' in-cart allotment was reflecting their total allotment as a negative value.

  • Restricting discounts to specific days of the week was also requiring a start and end time.

  • Users were unable to filter for active plants in the Cultivation module.

  • Date pickers were not working on Firefox and tablets.

  • The timestamps on the inventory package history did not include seconds.


  • We made changes to multi-select filter dropdown menus in Backoffice to improve usability and more closely match the behavior in LeafLogix:

    • Selections no longer move to the top of the menu.

    • A bug that caused menus to unexpectedly shift to the right has been fixed.

    • We increased menu heights to reduce scrolling.

    • The number of filter selections now appears in parentheses on filter buttons. Previously this behavior was not consistent across all multi-select filter menus.

  • In Products > Inventory, the Package history modal is now the same size as the Transactions modal.

  • We modified number input fields in the Catalog so values can’t be inadvertently changed by scrolling.

  • We made changes to improve the performance of the Inventory and Catalog pages.

  • We moved some Save and Update buttons to a footer that stays at the bottom of your browser window so you don’t have to scroll to the bottom of the page to save your selections.

  • Dropdown menus that contain product names have been widened and now wrap text to multiple lines instead of truncating it.

  • On Lab results, we restored the “back” button to return to the Package detail and added the Actions dropdown menu.

  • We restored the ability to see the room an inventory package is currently in from the inventory Move modal.


  • The post from November 9 incorrectly stated, “we’re correcting an issue where the Tax Rate assigned to a product during the receiving process doesn’t save successfully.” In fact, we removed this field because it’s not relevant for receiving inventory and had no effect. The post has been updated accordingly.

  • The post from October 28 incorrectly stated that we had restored the ability to search for customers based on the last 4 digits of their phone number or MMJ ID number. We’re still working to restore the ability to search by the last 4 digits of a phone number. Users can now search by the last 4 digits of an MMJ ID number, but this only works for checked-in customers in the Guest List. The post has been updated accordingly.

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