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Dutchie POS 1.86: Taxed price preview for inventory-level pricing; added flexibility for applying loyalty discounts

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Projected release dates: 2/5/24-2/9/24. Subject to change.


Register Navigation

As previewed in last week’s release notes, we’re launching an updated Register navigation designed to increase efficiency and speed by reducing clicks required to navigate through core parts of the menu. Icons for each menu item will persist on the left side of the screen, with an expand/collapse option. Combined with a slightly narrower header bar, this change also helps optimize screen space, especially for smaller devices.

Change location and Change register options will move to the left side, and the Fleet menu will be nested under Delivery.

Company name, location name, register name, and user name remain in the upper right. Click your user name to log out.

Register - Customers

The Potential duplicate customer warning in the Register will be updated to highlight the matching details between a potential new profile and an existing non-archived profile and provide a one-click option to use the existing profile instead.

Current design: only provides options to proceed with creating a new profile or cancel.

Updated design: provides options to create the new profile, discard the new profile and use the existing one, or cancel by clicking the X.

Backoffice - Inventory

Recently we released a product tax preview in the Catalog for locations using tax-inclusive (out-the-door) pricing. This release will add a similar Taxed price field to package detail pages in the Inventory module so operators using inventory-level pricing can also benefit from this functionality. In addition, packages without an assigned tax category will automatically inherit the tax category assigned to the associated Catalog product and tax categories will be reflected in the taxed price tooltip breakdown.

Backoffice - Discounts

We’re adding a new option under Settings > Location called Redeem Loyalty Discounts from Cart Action Menu which will affect how Alpine IQ and Springbig discounts are applied and configured.

When this setting is enabled:

  • In the Register, Redeem AIQ and Redeem SB options will appear under the cart-level ellipsis.

  • In the Backoffice, when editing or creating Alpine IQ or Springbig discounts, the configuration options will match Automatic and Code discounts.

When this setting is disabled:

  • In the Register, Redeem AIQ and Redeem SB options will appear under the item-level ellipsis.

  • In the Backoffice, when editing or creating Alpine IQ or Springbig discounts, the configuration options will match Manual discounts (in addition to the existing loyalty-specific fields).


Backoffice - Inventory

  • This release fixes an issue affecting smaller devices where the list of adjustment reasons in Inventory Audits may be cut off the screen, preventing a user from selecting some of the adjustment reasons.

  • Shipping costs are currently missing from the Manifests table in the Backoffice, printed manifests, and invoices. This release includes a fix to ensure shipping costs are reflected in all three places and are correctly accounted for in manifest totals when the Populate receives with shipping charges from transfer manifests setting is enabled.

  • This release corrects an issue where a package detail page in the Backoffice may show the Grams/concentration value from the associated Catalog product despite the package having a null value for Grams/concentration at the database level, obscuring a potential compliance concern and causing the package weight not to be counted against a customer’s allotment in the Cart. This fix ensures the Grams/concentration value on the package detail page reflects the true database value.

Backoffice - Discounts

Back in August 2023, we announced that the discount configuration screen in the Backoffice would persist after saving the discount instead of automatically returning to the discount list. Due to unforeseen issues related to discount syncing between Dutchie POS and Dutchie Ecommerce, we will revert to the previous behavior where users are returned to the discount list after saving a discount.

Ontario compliance reminder

In preparation for the upcoming transition to the new AGCO/OCS POS Data Platform, we’re reminding Ontario operators to ensure all cannabis products in their Dutchie POS inventory have accurate SKUs and GTINs as of today, January 31, 2024. Visit the Help Center for more information about this transition.

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