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Dutchie POS (formerly LeafLogix)

Dutchie POS 1.66: NY ID scanning enhancements; Metrc Item Brands for MI, MA, and OH; Backoffice UI updates

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Projected release dates: 8/28/23-9/1/23



New York: This release includes the following ID scanning enhancements:

  • When scanning a new patient ID, the patient data pre-populates in a new profile.

  • When scanning an existing patient ID, the existing profile loads automatically.

  • When scanning a caregiver ID, the corresponding patient profile loads automatically.

Michigan, Massachusetts, and Ohio: We’re adding support for the Item Brands attribute on Metrc products. To enable, go to Settings > Integrations > Metrc, and click the toggle for Use Metrc Brands. This adds a new Metrc Brands field to products in the catalog. Learn more in the Help Center.

Backoffice - General

Font and menu size adjustments in the Backoffice avatar menu will allow longer usernames to be displayed in full without being cut off.

Backoffice - Discounts

After saving a discount, the discount configuration screen will persist instead of automatically returning to the discount list. Users can instead return to the discount list by clicking the back button in the Backoffice UI.

Dutchie Public API

We’re adding the ability to apply and remove inventory tags on packages via an API call.


Register - Login screen

When the Assign POS Registers to Physical Hardware feature is enabled, managers can assign a specific Dutchie Register to each physical device so that budtenders can’t log into different registers from the same device. However, when signing in as a manager, the Select register dropdown may appear as if no register is assigned to the device. This UI update shows managers which register is assigned to the device.

Dutchie Ecommerce

Launching this week

New specials stacking settings

Further control how your specials stack when one item qualifies for multiple discounts.

Multiple Items

With this global ability, you are able to change how discounts are applied when more than one item qualifies for an offer discount. You can choose to apply it to the higher or lower-priced item.

Individual Specials Settings

You can now apply new multiple items settings and existing stacking settings to individual discounts to override your global settings for that specific discount

Learn more in the Help Center:

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