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Dutchie POS 1.72: OR tax reporting updates; tax calculation enhancements for MT and NY

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Projected release dates: 10/9/23-10/13/23


Backoffice - Reports

Oregon: The Oregon Tax Report and Oregon Tax Report by Metrc Category will be discontinued in favor of the Oregon Tax Report by Tax Category, which is better suited to current reporting requirements. This version also adds a Total Discount column to the Oregon Tax Report by Tax Category.

Backoffice - Discounts

Montana: A new Ignore net tax rates option on discount configurations will impact how tax is calculated when the discount is applied. This is set to No by default, and tax will be calculated on the discounted subtotal. If set to Yes, tax is calculated as if the discount was not applied. This feature is designed to support Montana regulations but will be available in all states.

Backoffice - Settings

New York: With this update, you can make otherwise taxable fees tax-exempt for transactions that include only cannabis items. To enable, go to Settings > Location and check the box for New York only: Cannabis Fee Tax Exemption.

Backoffice - Inventory

Reminder: A better user experience is coming soon to the Inventory module!

This month we're rolling out the following enhancements:

  • When Show products with zero quantity is enabled, the list will load in seconds (not minutes)!

  • The Select all option will be removed because this selected all items in the list, not just the current page. You’ll still be able to select all items on the page, select a quantity of rows, and change the number of items per page.

  • The More filters modal will no longer have a Save button; instead, you can just select your filters and close the modal.

  • The Testing status filter will be removed; instead, type the status name into the search bar to find matching products.

  • All filters will support multiple selections and include all options, not just the options in the list.

  • Applied filters will be reflected in the URL, allowing you to share a direct link to your customized view.

Note: To further improve performance and stability; sorting by these columns is not currently available:

  • THC

  • Tags

  • THCA

  • Allocated Qty

  • Last Audited Date

Last month we announced a new feature designed to automatically save product match mappings in receive. We’ve temporarily reverted this feature and plan to relaunch it after addressing customer feedback. Stay tuned for updates about this in a future announcement.

Dutchie POS Public API

The /reporting/transactions endpoint will be updated to include the Reference ID to help users more easily link transactions to their associated Dutchie Ecommerce preorders.


This release includes fixes for the following issues:

Backoffice - Inventory

  • Receive history shows some time stamps in an incorrect time zone.

  • Applying credits to a manifest with 10 or more items may result in unequal distribution of the credit and $0 cost for some items.

  • New Mexico: When adjusting an inventory quantity, Inventory Audit is missing from the Reason dropdown.

Backoffice - Reports

When setting up a scheduled report, users can only select a date and not a time of day.

Backoffice - Discounts

Users receive a “Failed to update Discount” error message after copying an existing discount and modifying the new discount.

Backoffice - Cultivation

When a user records trim waste in Cultivation, decimal point values are not saved properly.

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