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Washington CCRS updates

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team
  • When generating files for CCRS and Washingtonā€™s compliance system, Greenbits was only including inventory that was for sale. We are updating the export process to include for sale and not for sale inventory in the product, inventory, and inventory adjustments files. The goal is to remove errors from the inventory and inventory adjustment files that say invalid inventory or invalid product.

  • For WA customers, an external id is not required for non-cannabis products. This was something that was released last week which we corrected.

  • For Washington customers who are using the WCIA file format to upload manifests, we made an additional change. If the product_sku file in the file is present, we will add it to the Barcode (SKU) field on the manifest screen. If it is not present, then we will populate the Barcode (SKU) field with the inventory_id value. This inventory_id value will also be populated in the External Inventory Id field on the manifest screen.

For more information, see the CCRS FAQ article in our Help Center.

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