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Recent fixes for Dutchie POS

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

In the past week, our engineers have resolved these issues in Dutchie POS.

  • When viewing a Product Catalog entry, the Taxable field was missing.

  • When configuring pricing, the Total field would only accept one digit before the decimal, and the Per gram field would only accept two digits after the decimal.

  • Users weren’t able to resize some table columns in the Backoffice.

  • When creating new BioTrack packages, the Create button was active before entering a value in the Number of packages field.

  • Formatting issues when trying to print the Closing Report in landscape orientation.

  • Blank screen when saving a new Product.

  • Long load times when accessing Cultivation > Plants.

  • Blank screen or error message after clicking a package ID in an audit.

  • The Serving Size field appeared in the Product Catalog even when set to Hide under Products > Configure > Fields.

  • Received inventory time stamps incorrectly recorded as 12:00 AM.

  • Error saving: object reference not set to an instance of an object” message when saving an inventory receive.

  • Unusual filter behavior in Backoffice that didn’t match the behavior from LeafLogix.

  • Users were unable to see more than 500 records in Receive history. We’ve added a Show all history checkbox next to the search bar to address this.

  • Florida: The Alternative MMUR Forms field incorrectly showed alternative forms selected.

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