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Prevent package location moves for Metrc and BioTrack

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Prevent users from moving inventory between locations without a manifest. BioTrack and Metrc integration settings now include a Prevent Package Location Moves option which disables the Location dropdown in the Move inventory modal whenever at least one cannabis item is selected. This setting is new for BioTrack and previously existed for Metrc but could only be activated by Dutchie Support. Learn more in the Help Center.

We’ve recently released fixes for the following issues:

  • Labels printed from the register reflected default settings even when product-specific label settings should have superseded the default.

  • A visual bug affected data in customer journal entries.

  • Percent discounts that amounted to less than $1.00 were sometimes rounded down to $0.00 when the Round Percent Discounts setting was activated. These discounts will now be a minimum of $1.00 when Round Percent Discounts is activated.

  • When a discount with product exclusions was copied, the excluded products were changed to Restrict to in the copy.

  • We’ve deployed security improvements to ensure user permissions are properly enforced.

  • Minnesota: Caregiver IDs recorded in Dutchie POS were not being reported to Metrc. As a result, those sales were recorded as patient sales.

  • New York: the NYS Delivery Report was missing customer zip codes for some deliveries.

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