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Option to deactivate PIN debit refunds, new Batch Recall Report

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Dutchie POS 1.60

Projected release dates: 7/17/23-7/21/23


Register - Cart

By default, Dutchie’s integrated PIN debit solution provides users the option to issue a refund to a customer’s card when processing a return for an integrated PIN debit transaction. This release adds the option to deactivate debit refunds so the register only allows users to issue cash refunds for integrated PIN debit transactions. Contact Dutchie Support to deactivate debit refunds for your location.

Register - Customers

New York: Customer profiles and the Prescription Manager will be populated and updated based on data retrieved from the Medical Cannabis Data Management System (MCDMS), so you won't have to update customer information manually.

Backoffice - Products

PO # and PO Name columns will be added to the Receive history Details page so you can see the corresponding purchase order for each shipment received. Click the cog to access the table settings and add these columns to your view.

Backoffice - Reports

  • When cannabis products are subject to a product recall, a new Batch Recall Report shows all sales associated with a given batch across all locations so you can perform customer outreach about the recalled products.

  • The New York Monthly Sales Report will now reflect the final sale price to the patient. When the report is submitted to the state it will include the final price per item the patient paid.

  • Brand and Batch ID columns will be added to the Items list on the manifest details page. Click the cog to access the table settings and add these columns to your view.


Register - Cart

  • We’re fixing an issue where ID scans at the register are populating in a separate window.

  • This version resolves discrepancies in the starting balance, closing balance, and cash deposits between the Z-report printed at the register and the Closing report in the Backoffice.

Backoffice - Settings

If a customer who was created at one location with a Medical customer type shops at another location in your LSP that hasn’t enabled the Medical customer type, the customer type appears as a null value, and the necessary taxes are not applied. To account for this scenario, we’re adding a Default option to the tax configuration page when Apply to selected types is selected. This applies the tax to any customer types that are not enabled for that location.

Backoffice - Products

Connecticut: We’re updating the adjustment reasons in the Backoffice to match the adjustment reasons in BioTrack.

Backoffice 66.0

Projected release dates: 7/12/23-7/13/23


Backoffice - Products

  • When deleting inventory from a manifest, an unintentional double-click could cause the deletion to be processed twice, returning double the amount back to inventory and causing an inaccurate count. We’re adding a loading spinner during the deletion process to prevent this from happening.

  • Users will no longer see an Error updating products message when trying to bulk update the Net weight field on catalog products.

Backoffice 66.1

Projected release dates: 7/17/23-7/21/23


Backoffice - Products

We’re deploying a fix for an issue where inventory tags assigned to packages are displayed in the inventory table as numeric values instead of the name of the tag.

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