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Dutchie POS (formerly LeafLogix)

New York compliance updates; fixes

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Dutchie POS 1.61

Projected release dates: 7/24/23-7/28/23


Register - Cart

For Metrc-integrated locations with the Prevent Overselling and Capture ReceiptIDs settings enabled, we’re streamlining the backend process that the Dutchie Register uses to verify patient allotments in Metrc and automatically void sales that would exceed the allotment.

Backoffice - Traceability

Improvements to the Metrc Batch Mode Logs will clarify the reasons behind receipt errors so clients can address the root cause.


Register - Cart

  • This update resolves an issue where using the calculator button to add tier-priced products to a cart results in pricing that doesn’t account for the Only apply price breaks at specified weights setting.

  • Maryland: We’re deploying a fix to ensure purchase limits configured in the Backoffice are accurately enforced for adult-use customers.

Backoffice 67.0

Projected release dates: 7/24/23-7/28/23


Backoffice - Products

Users are seeing a “string or binary data would be truncated” error when attempting to receive inventory if the Lot name/batch ID field exceeds the 100-character limit. This update clarifies the issue by highlighting the field and showing a “Max length of 100 characters” message instead.

New York compliance updates

  • Per OCM, there will be required updates regarding the Weekly Report around Adjustment Reasons and potential amendments for incorrect Vendor Licenses. Dutchie recently met with OCM regarding the weekly report and we’re sharing relevant updates to the weekly report on the Help Center.

  • The Total column in the NY Monthly Sales Report currently reflects the gross unit price for a product sold. In response to a clarification from state regulators, this week we’re relabeling this column as Net Sales Price and updating it to reflect the final price to the patient (gross price - discounts + taxes) per item.

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