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Major improvements are coming to Greenbits!

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

At Dutchie, we’re committed to the continued success and satisfaction of our Greenbits customers, and we’re excited to give you a preview of the new features and enhancements we’ll be releasing soon in response to customer feedback.

Reusable barcodes (SKUs) for cannabis products

You will no longer need to generate a new barcode (SKU) for each new package you receive! Instead, you will be able to enter or scan an existing product barcode (SKU) when receiving new inventory or assign an existing barcode to already-received inventory on the Edit Inventory screen.

When you sell a barcode (SKU) that corresponds to multiple packages, the Register will pull inventory from the package with the earliest received date. To ensure accurate sales of products with reused barcodes (SKUs), make sure each product only has one package marked For Sale at a time.

Note: Users in Washington state can already reuse barcodes and will see no change in functionality with this update.

Redesigned manifest for streamlined receiving

Additional fields on the Manifest screen will allow you to enter more of the necessary information during the receiving process without having to go back and add more details to each barcode (SKU) in the Edit Inventory screen.

When receiving, click More Package Detail to view and fill in the additional fields, including detailed test results and lab information, terpenes, pesticides, ingredients, cultivator details, harvest lot number and date, packaging details, and more.

Reconcile all package quantities with Metrc

With one click, you will be able to view all active packages that have a discrepancy between Greenbits and Metrc. Then, after evaluating and confirming the correct quantity for each package, reconcile all of them at once. You will still have the option to reconcile individual packages.

Add a QR code to receipts

In Settings > Receipts, we’re adding a field that will allow you to upload a QR code image that will appear at the bottom of your receipts.

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