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Dutchie POS (formerly LeafLogix)

LeafLogix updates for the week of May 16, 2022

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

The following updates are included in LeafLogix version 1.5, which begins rolling out the week of May 16:

New features

New Jersey - Partial-package inventory actions restricted

Per state regulations, LeafLogix prevents certain partial-package inventory actions and directs users to instead perform those actions at the whole-package level.

New York BioTrack - Potency indicator added to inventory requests

Users in New York can now update the potency indicator on inventory. LeafLogix reports these updates to BioTrack.

Public API - Potency indicator added to inventory endpoints

Makes the potency indicator value for New York available in the public API in the GET reporting/inventory and GET/inventory endpoints. This also adds the ability to add the value via POST /inventory/receiveinventory.

Potency indicator added to the inventory section of Looker BI reporting

Users can now build an inventory report that includes the potency indicator value.

Biotrack Integration - Rooms automatically updated when moving plants

When a user moves a plant, LeafLogix automatically updates the room in BioTrack.

Metrc Allotments - Check for active/inactive patient status at check-in

Dispensaries in Metrc states with active allotment checks (DC, MD, MI, MO, MT, CO) have increased flexibility for validating patient status at check-in with the following options:

  • Allow check-in for patients with positive allotments regardless of MMJ ID status.

  • Allow check-in only for patients with positive allotments and active MMJ ID status.


  • Fix for MMUR patient allotment issue.

  • Fix for arithmetic overflow error at the POS.

  • Fix for WeedMaps category validation errors.

  • Fix to ensure that the Oregon Tax Report reflects accurate pre-tax sales totals.

  • Fix to ensure that required lab results QR codes appear on printed labels.

  • Fix for a timeout error when generating static reports.

  • Fix to ensure that strain, cost, and price per unit auto-populate from the Product Master during bulk inventory upload.

  • Fix for an error when attempting to bulk receive via the CCRS URL.

  • Improvements to the duplicate customer check during customer imports.

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