Dutchie Product Team
Greenbits POS

Greenbits Feature Updates: May 13, 2022

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

OR: New Transaction Limit for Infused Products

For Oregon customers: Greenbits added a new transaction limit type called Combined/flavored product with a transaction weight limit of 5g.

WA: Return Workflow License Number Update

For WA customers: The license number displays as a 6 digit numeric value in the returns workflow. Important: Your license number in the Back Office must keep the alpha character. The alpha character will no longer be included in the return workflow.

CO: Invalid THC Amounts on State Link Page

For CO customers: You can now review Metrc errors caused by invalid THC amounts on the State Link page. Greenbits has added a summary of the products with incomplete or incorrect THC amounts to the State Link page. From this page, you can navigate to each product and correct the data mistake. Once the data is corrected, the sale will attempt to repost the next day.

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