Dutchie Product Team
Greenbits POS

Greenbits Backoffice Update: October 6, 2022

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team


Print Barcodes for All Products

You can now print labels for all of the products in your received manifest at once! From the Incoming Inventory page, select ... next to an accepted manifest, and then select Print Barcode. Choose which products you want to print barcodes for, or check Select All to print barcodes for all products.

Update Customer Group Permission

Greenbits added a new permission that allows a user to change an employee's customer group to another customer group. This permission makes it easy to change an employee to a customer or patient, once they are no longer employed at your store. To give this permission to a user, go to Backoffice > Settings > Roles and select Person Group Updates for Employees. Learn more about roles and permissions in our Help Center.


This release fixes an issue with markup rate and excise tax disappearing from manifests after saving. It also fixes an issue with the amount listed in Total Tax Paid to Vendor. 

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