Dutchie Product Team
Greenbits POS

Greenbits Backoffice Update: November 10, 2022

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team


  • In states where Metrc accepts adjustment notes, notes for adjustments related to audits will now be sent to Metrc.

  • The Reorder Suggestion report now includes Strain, Flower Type, Concentrate type, Weight, and UOM information from the Product.

  • A new permission was added to Greenbits, Person Group Updates for Employees, which will allow this user to change an employee customer type to another person type. Learn more in our Help Center.

  • The OK label has been updated to use Harvest Lot Number as the value when showing batch number.

  • You can now set a Product as Medical on the Manifest page. Learn more in our Help Center.

  • Greenbits updated the delivery manifest to use your store phone number as the contact phone number. If you haven't entered a store phone number in Greenbits Backoffice, the Dutchie Support phone number (1-866-838-8244) is used instead. Learn more in our Help Center.


  • This release fixes an issue so that the Days Out of Stock column on the Reorder Suggestion report shows you the number of days between the present day and the day the product reached 0 quantity on hand.

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