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Dutchie POS updates: Z Report, Dutchie Pay authentication with Plaid

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

New features and improvements

Print a Z Report from the register. When closing out at the register, you can now print a detailed shift report (called a Z Report) from the receipt printer to help with cash reconciliation, record keeping, and auditing. You can also reprint a Z Report for the previous shift. Learn more in the Help Center.

Dutchie Pay now uses Plaid. We now use Plaid to connect consumer bank accounts to Dutchie Pay in an effort to streamline authentication and increase account security. Existing Dutchie Pay customers will be prompted to relink their accounts through Plaid. There are no steps that dispensaries need to take at this time.

Additional fraud protection for Dutchie Pay. We’ve added another layer of security to prevent potential fraud by blocking attempts to make a Dutchie Pay purchase with a bank account that is already linked to another Dutchie Pay account.

Alpine IQ Discount Redemptions Report. This week we’re rolling out a new report that aggregates customer discount redemptions for our Alpine IQ integration. Find it under Reports > Point of sale and select POS Transactions from the Type dropdown, or search the Reports page for “Alpine IQ Discount Redemptions Report”.

Clarified label printing message. On registers configured to automatically print labels for cannabis items only, users saw the message “Error Printing Label: Product is not set up as a Cannabis product” when ringing up non-cannabis items. Because this is the intended behavior based on the configuration, we’ve clarified that this message is not an error and replaced it with the explanation “Labels print for cannabis items only”.


Users were unable to receive inventory through their normal workflows when the Packaging date field was set to Required. We’ve now addressed the root cause of this issue and affected locations can resume their standard operating procedures.

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