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Dutchie POS updates: Session timeout, bug fixes

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

New features

Session timeout

Protect customer information and your sensitive business data by automatically logging users out of the Backoffice and Register after a specified period of inactivity. Learn more in the Help Center

Washington, D.C., and Missouri external patient reporting

To accommodate Metrc functionality for recording sales for external patients from states that offer reciprocity with Washington D.C., and Missouri, a new setting in Dutchie POS improves patient lookup to ensure that the external patient limits are visible and adjusts the way that sales are reported for external patients.

To make sure your external patient sales are recorded correctly in Metrc, go to Settings > Integrations > Metrc > Settings and enable the Use Reciprocal States setting.

Note that patient IDs from non-reciprocal states will not be compatible with this change. Patient identification numbers from non-reciprocal states will now be rejected with the error: “Unable to Complete Sale: Patient is from a non-reciprocal state”.

Washington state: Manifest to CCRS button

Complete vendor returns and internal transfers by clicking the new Manifest to CCRS button. Previously this was done by selecting Actions > Complete order.


We’ve recently released fixes to address the following issues:

  • Locations integrated with BioTrack were unable to complete wholesale manifests with the Is pickup option enabled because Dutchie POS wasn’t passing the required driver and vehicle information to BioTrack.

  • Some locations received an “Error retrieving lab results” message when attempting to fetch lab results from Metrc.

  • The Name of the Destination Entity was incorrectly auto-filled in the Name of Receiver section of manifests for wholesale and retail orders. This section is now kept blank so the person receiving the manifest can fill in their own name later.

  • After copying a discount that was configured to exclude certain items, the copy applied only to the items that should have been excluded.

  • Fees and donations associated with a transaction couldn’t be fetched via the Dutchie POS Public API.

  • Customers with no date of birth entered on their profiles appeared on the guest list with the date of birth Jan 1, 1900. We’ve changed this to instead show dashes when the date of birth is missing.

  • We introduced a fix to prevent a scenario where a transaction could be associated with the wrong register in the Closing report.

  • We addressed an issue with the Dutchie POS Public API that could sometimes result in blank product names in online menus.

  • An error message that appeared when a user tried to fetch lab results from BioTrack didn’t clearly indicate that the issue was due to missing lab results in BioTrack. We’ve clarified this error message to avoid confusion.

  • When adding inventory to an order from the Bulk actions menu, if a user included two items with the same package ID (with other differences, such as room) the Add inventory to order modal incorrectly showed both items with the same quantity.

  • We’ve changed some of the labels for sales figures in the Closing report to clarify that they include tax.

  • When receiving inventory via bulk upload, the current date is no longer used as a default value for the packaging date or manufacturing date and instead leaves these fields blank if no date is specified in the upload file.

  • When receiving inventory via bulk upload, users could only map one field, and mapping a second field removed the first mapping.

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