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Dutchie POS updates: Register terminal scale integration, tablet UI enhancements, and bug fixes

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

New features

Scale integration for the Dutchie Register terminal. With a compatible scale connected, bulk flower weights are automatically transmitted to the Dutchie Register terminal, eliminating the need for manual entry and the possibility of mistakes. You can also enable the Restrict to scale weighing setting to “lock” the weight reading and prevent manipulation by bad actors. Learn more on our Help Center:

  1. Configure an A&D FX300iN scale for use with the Dutchie Register terminal

  2. Connect the scale to the Register terminal

  3. Set up the scale integration

This integration is only for the Dutchie Register terminal hardware, but we’ve also recently released a similar scale integration for the Dutchie POS web application.

Backoffice UI enhancements for tablet devices. We’ve made some design enhancements to make the Backoffice easier to navigate on tablet-sized devices. The side sub-navigation panel is removed, providing more screen space for the page's main content. The sub-navigation items and the Location dropdown are now accessible from the main navigation menu. These changes only appear on tablets and do not affect the desktop or Register terminal UI.

New York: You can now add a signature to your inventory audits. Learn how in the Help Center.


After a user clicked Close in an inventory audit, the Backoffice didn’t automatically redirect back to the inventory audits list as intended. Navigating back to the audits list with the browser’s back button incorrectly showed the audit in an Open status until the page was refreshed. We’ve recently pushed a fix to address both issues.

Rolling out the week of January 9

Washington state: Dutchie is working to ensure you remain compliant as new CCRS reporting requirements take effect. Look for an email announcement later this week with further details.

We’ll also be introducing fixes for the following issues:

  • Slow label printing and the Print Cart button not working in LeafLogix.

  • Gift Card payments not appearing on printed receipts.

  • Duplicate fields appearing in Products > Configure > Fields.

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