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Dutchie POS updates: PIN Debit refunds, inventory tags in bulk receive, and fixes

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

New features

  • Dutchie’s Integrated PIN Debit solution now supports refunds to the debit card the customer used for the transaction. Learn more in the Help Center.

  • A batch name column has been added to the Inventory Destruction Report.

  • When receiving inventory through a bulk CSV upload, you can now map a column in the CSV to the Inventory tags field in Dutchie POS.

  • California: Retailers can now use the new CA Excise Tax Reimbursement Report to determine excise tax reimbursement amounts for sales of inventory that was received before January 1, 2023. Find it under Reports > State reporting. Learn more about recent California excise tax changes in the Help Center.


We’ve recently released fixes for the following issues:

  • In markets where a doctor must be assigned to medical patients, the register was incorrectly requiring a doctor for recreational customers as well.

  • BI Explorer data reflected incorrect time stamps for register closeouts due to a time zone conversion issue.

  • The Patient Payments report showed incorrect time stamps due to a time zone conversion issue.

  • The Dutchie Ecommerce Upsell report failed to capture a limited number of confirmed upsells.

  • In certain circumstances, the register used an incorrect patient allotment calculation on pre-orders but used the correct calculation at the fulfillment stage. We’ve corrected the logic the register uses at the pre-order stage to address this.

  • User-specified inventory expiration dates were being overridden when the Use Lab Package Date setting was enabled. We’ve modified the logic for this setting so that it never changes a user-specified expiration date.

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