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Dutchie POS updates: NY and CA compliance updates

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Compliance updates

New York: We’ve added a location-specific report that details all package products sold to customers over a given time frame, which you can export for submission to OCM. Find it under Reports > State reporting > NY OCM Package Products Report, and check out our OCM setup, sales, and manual reporting overview in the Help Center.

California: Our team has released updates to support delivery workflow changes that took effect on April 1. See the Help Center for details, and be sure to update your tax settings.

Fixes and improvements

We’ve recently released fixes to address the following issues:

  • E-commerce preorders sometimes did not appear in the register if the order was associated with a Dutchie POS customer profile that had been archived or merged into another profile. We’ve deployed a fix to ensure all preorders appear in the register, and as a result, users may see orders associated with archived customer profiles. Users can update these customer profiles or reassign the order to another customer, but this is not required to fulfill the order.

  • A catalog product’s location-specific Available on POS and Available online settings were designed to override the corresponding settings at the LSP level (i.e., the "Available on point of sale" setting on the Details tab and/or the "Available online" setting on the Online details tab). In LeafLogix, you could select Yes, No, or a blank value from a dropdown, with a blank value meaning the product’s availability would default to the LSP-level setting. Because the Dutchie POS redesign changed these dropdowns to toggles, users could no longer select a blank value. We’ve changed the interface to once again use dropdowns for these settings, with “Select an option” corresponding to the LSP-level default.

  • Bundle discounts with brand restrictions stopped working if one of the relevant brands was deleted because the discount configuration interface didn’t allow users to remove the deleted brand from the restrictions. We’ve updated the interface to alert users that a brand included in the restrictions has been deleted and allow users to remove the “Unknown brand” restriction.

  • Users were unable to process a return for a $0 item.

  • The register intermittently showed a false "Some items within this pre-order have not yet been fulfilled" warning after a user clicked Select Payment Type.

  • Beta Caryophyllene was misspelled on some label fields.

  • Manifest history attributed “Removed item from Manifest” actions to the wrong user.

  • Deleted transfers still appeared in Receive history with no line items.

  • The register showed incorrect Last Purchase time stamps on the guest list.

  • The Delivery date of pending transfers in Receive history reflected UTC instead of the location’s local time zone.

  • Iowa: We fixed an issue that caused an error message and prevented users from completing manifests.

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