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Dutchie POS updates: New PIN Debit reporting

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

New features

New reporting for PIN Debit payments. Analyze and download your PIN Debit transactions under Reports > Financial in the Backoffice. You can access additional reporting capabilities through the Datacap portal. Learn more in the Help Center.

Canada: Issue credit and debit refunds directly from Dutchie POS. Refunds will go back to the credit or debit card used for the original transaction. Refunds to a credit card do not require the card to be present. Learn more in the Help Center.


We've recently released fixes for the following issues:

  • Returning an item to inventory from the point of sale deleted potency data for the associated package.

  • When adding an item to an order without entering a Tax Per Unit, the order Total Cost did not update and the package Total Cost column incorrectly showed $0.00.

  • Credits on transfer manifests weren’t populating into the Credits field in Receive inventory after the user selected the pending transfer as a source.

  • Some automatic discounts were mistakenly applied to the same item twice.

  • Users were unable to delete delivery drivers in the Backoffice.

  • A “Failed to update strains” error prevented users from creating new strains.

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