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Dutchie POS updates: New compliance features and bug fixes

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

New features

  • By default, Dutchie POS considers a patient’s MMJID expired at 12:01 AM on the expiration date entered on their profile. However, in some markets, the MMJID is valid through the end of the day on the expiration date, so we’ve added an MMJID expires at the end of day option under Settings > Location. When enabled, a patient's MMJID is considered valid in Dutchie POS until 11:59 PM on the expiration date.

  • Connecticut: To support new potency-based tax requirements for recreational sales, we’ve introduced the ability to create tax rates based on milligrams of total THC. Learn more in the Help Center.


We've released fixes to address the following issues:

  • Static reports that were run for a single date did not reflect some locations' local time zones. For example, some users in the Pacific time zone saw data reflecting 8 AM on the specified date through 8 AM the following day.

  • In Backoffice Register settings, the Cash threshold field allowed entries with decimals, but because the database only accepts whole-dollar amounts for this field, entries with decimals were actually recorded as null values. We’ve updated this field so that it only allows whole-dollar amounts that can be saved successfully.

  • Some users couldn’t create lab samples because the Recipients dropdown wasn’t recording their selections.

  • Ontario: We’ve resolved an issue where importing or refreshing product data from the AGCO provincial catalog resulted in incorrect Grams/Concentration values in Dutchie POS for some products.

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