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Dutchie POS updates: Integrated PIN debit, bug fixes

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Integrated PIN debit payments

Our PIN debit payment solution can now be seamlessly integrated with Dutchie POS. Simply build your cart, select Debit, and send the charge directly to the payment terminal - no manual entry needed!

Contact us today to get started with PIN debit, and see integrated PIN debit in action on the Help Center.


  • We recently released a fix for the Discount method dropdown showing no options when creating or editing a discount.

  • We’ve addressed an issue that prevented users from receiving saved orders in certain circumstances due to persistent red exclamation icons in the Status column under Items received.

  • Version 1.35 will roll out during the week of January 3 and will include a fix for inconsistent time stamps for when a package was received between the Package history and Product journal.

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