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Dutchie POS updates for the week of September 26

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Version 1.23 | Rolling out the week of September 26

New features and improvements

  • A new Per customer limit on Discounts allows you to limit the number of times each customer can redeem a discount across all locations. This is available on the Options tab for all discounts and replaces the Limit Uses feature, which was only available for automatic discounts.

  • The Receipt Audit tool now reflects the date shipments were completed rather than the date they were started, and we added a Days field to allow you to audit up to 7 days at a time.

  • Ohio: in LeafLogix, the cart displayed each patient’s Day supply so budtenders could quickly verify they weren’t overselling. While the new Dutchie Register still has the same safeguards to prevent overselling as LeafLogix, users pointed out that our new cart interface was missing this helpful detail, so we added it back.

Bug fixes

  • We corrected an issue with the Integration Audit tool where Rooms weren’t populating despite being included in the Table Settings.

  • It came to our attention that budtenders were seeing Customer Notes from the previous customer when they selected a new customer from the guest list. We addressed this issue so budtenders only see notes for the selected customer.

  • We recently identified and addressed a case in which a discount appeared to apply to multiple items when the budtender selected the Just One Item discount option.

  • In some cases, the cached Catalog information on the Receive page would not refresh when the user selected a Pending Transfer, resulting in stale data being pulled from the Catalog when matching the package to a product. Cached Catalog information will now refresh each time the user selects a Pending Transfer rather than when they enter the Receive page.

  • We fixed an issue that allowed budtenders to complete an over-allotment sale on the second attempt after the Register blocked the first attempt.

  • We resolved an error that prevented budtenders from printing a cart.

  • We eliminated a bug that allowed budtenders to exceed a product’s Max quantity per transaction by typing the quantity instead of using the +/- buttons.

  • We ensured our Metrc integration reports voids to Metrc with user-specific API keys when configured to do so.

  • We heard from a few customers that not all of their Inventory Rooms appeared in the Rooms filter dropdown on the Inventory page. We corrected this so you can filter based on any Room designated as an Inventory Room under Settings > Rooms.

  • Canada: when closing out a register, the Cash Details modal erroneously showed a USD label. We removed this to avoid confusion.

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