Dutchie Product Team
Dutchie POS (formerly LeafLogix)

Dutchie POS updates for the week of September 19

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Improvements bug fixes | Version 1.22 | Rolling out the week of September 19

  • A new Average Order Value Report (under Reports > Employee) offers expanded insights to help you evaluate budtender performance including gross and net AOV. For locations using a traditional checkout model, the data reflects carts checked out by budtender. For locations using a fulfillment model, the data reflects items added to a cart by budtender.

  • Some users experienced timeouts when trying to run reports for extended date ranges. To prevent this, we've limited the date ranges for certain reports and added alerts to let you know if you should use a shorter date range.

  • Improved discounting logic ensures the register uses the best possible discount when multiple automatic, non-stackable discounts are available.

  • We've addressed a bug that unexpectedly signed users out of the Dutchie Register terminal.

  • We've corrected issues with receipts not printing in full and fulfillment tickets printing with excess white space.

  • We've fixed an issue that caused email receipts to go to the email address on a customer's profile despite the budtender entering a different email address.

  • A false error message when saving a note on a received order has been removed.

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