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Dutchie POS updates for the week of September 12

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

New features, improvements, and bug fixes | Version 1.21 | Rolling out the week of September 12

New features

Dutchie Backoffice: Customize your home page

Learn how to assign Quick actions, Key metrics, Charts, and more to your homepage.

Your homepage can be a powerful tool for running your business. It can be a dashboard of the metrics that are most important to you — or a launchpad to your most-used destinations in Backoffice.

Now you can customize your homepage to highlight the tools and information that matter most to you. Plus, you can save these settings on a per-user basis, so each member of your team can have their own.

Learn all about homepage customization in our new tutorial:

Having trouble?
Make sure you've enabled Dutchie POS to get access to our new and improved experience.

New default setting for Get Metrc Lab Results

Metrc-integrated locations can choose a default selection for the Get Metrc Lab Results setting in Receive. By setting the default to Yes, inventory managers who want to get lab results from Metrc no longer have to manually select Yes on each line item.

To change the default:

  1. In the Backoffice, go to Settings > Integrations > Metrc > Settings tab.

  2. Make sure Use Metrc Lab Data is set to Yes.

  3. Set Default Metrc Labs in Receive to Yes or No.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • New safeguards prevent adding more than 100 units of a product to a cart, which can lead to errors and prevent users from canceling the transaction.

  • We've fixed an issue with the cart interface that prevented iPad users from accessing the back arrow on the payment screen.

  • We've corrected an issue where the Launch register button in Backoffice was directing some users to an incorrect URL.

  • We've renamed these column headers on the Conversion Detail Costing Report:

    • New Leaf Logix Batch ID → New Batch ID

    • Original Leaf Logix Batch ID → Original Batch ID

    • Leaf Logix Conversion ID → Conversion ID

  • Alberta: We've updated the AB Compliance Report to match the AGLC's current Cannabis Retailer Federal Compliance Report Template.

  • Arizona: Users reported errors in the Arizona Sales Report/Inventory Schedule, Inventory Rollforward, and Product Journal after undoing recipe output and input steps. We've introduced a fix to ensure these reports are accurate.

  • New York: We've addressed a formatting issue with the NY PMP Report to ensure the report can be uploaded without errors.

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