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Dutchie POS (formerly LeafLogix)

Dutchie POS updates for the week of October 3

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Version 1.24 | Rolling out the week of October 3

New reports and reporting enhancements

  • New profit reports show the total profit of each product (Profit Report by Product) or inventory SKU (Profit Report by Inventory) over a given time frame. You can run these reports for one location or all locations. Find them under Reports > Inventory and select Type: Inventory Costing.

  • To better support budtender Average Order Value (AOV) reporting under both fulfillment and standard checkout models, we've renamed the Responsible for Sale column in reports to Who added to cart.

  • To better support out-the-door pricing, the Tax and Sales by Tax Category Report now includes Net Sales by tax category.

  • The Conversion Detail Costing Report now includes Original Batch Name and New Batch Name columns.

  • Virginia: the New Medical Certifications Report shows all new patients with collected certifications during a given time frame. Find it under Reports > State reporting.

Bug fixes

  • The Get Directions functionality for transfer manifests is restored.

  • We fixed an issue that prevented users from fetching THC and THCA lab results from Metrc.

  • Improved discount logic ensures the Register will give customers the best available discount when multiple automatic discounts are available. Previously, the Register didn't consider some "price to amount" discounts in this logic.

  • We resolved an issue that in some cases prevented budtenders from redeeming SpringBig rewards.

  • We corrected an issue with inactive customer profiles switching back to active.

  • We resolved an issue where returns were sometimes missing from Transactions > By register in the Backoffice.

  • We introduced a fix to prevent a scenario where a transaction could time out and fail to complete in the Register but still post to BioTrack.

  • We addressed missing location details and missing doctors in Business Intelligence tools.

  • Oregon: the tax categories in the Oregon Tax Report by Tax Category now align with OLCC definitions. Previously, some product types were incorrectly shown as "uncategorized".

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