Dutchie Product Team
Dutchie POS (formerly LeafLogix)

Dutchie POS updates for the week of October 10

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Version 1.25 | Rolling out the week of October 10

  • We updated Metrc error logs to reflect your local time zone.

  • It came to our attention that tier pricing sometimes wasn't working correctly after items were removed from a cart. We deployed a fix to ensure the Register shows the correct pricing.

  • We addressed an error that could prevent in-stock items from appearing on integrated menus.

  • We fixed an issue that prevented users from removing a customer from a customer group.

  • iPad users reported the star icon that indicates a loyalty customer on the Register was much larger than it should have been, and we reduced it to the correct size.

  • We resolved an issue that prevented users from reprinting patient labels.

  • Users pointed out that Regulatory Category was a field option when bulk editing product details in the LeafLogix Backoffice, but was missing from the new Dutchie POS Backoffice. We updated the new interface to include this.

  • We addressed an "object reference" error message that appeared after a user cleared the Packaging Date field when receiving inventory.

  • Massachusetts: users reported seeing a MassCIP login error message on the Register when checking in a guest, but were still able to complete transactions compliantly. Our engineers determined this was due to multiple login attempts from Dutchie POS and are pushing a fix to correct this.

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