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Dutchie POS (formerly LeafLogix)

Dutchie POS updates for the week of November 7

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Version 1.29 will roll out the week of November 7 with fixes for the following issues:

  • An error that prevents point-of-sale returns from posting to BioTrack.

  • An error that prevents users from deleting a product tag.

  • Selecting the Customer Type Medical - Underage hides the MMJ State ID fields.

  • The Medical Only designation on a product master is not automatically applied to received inventory.

  • Date pickers getting cut off the screen in the Dutchie Register.

  • When the same SKU format is used across multiple locations, the system allows the creation of duplicate SKUs at different locations.

  • We’re updating the Potential Duplicate Customer modal to include whether the existing customer has been archived and a note informing the user that existing archived customers can be un-archived in the Backoffice.

The following fixes for Dutchie POS are already released as of November 1:

  • Users were not able to type into the Quantity field when trying to move inventory to another room, preventing them from completing the task.

  • The Pricing tiers filter in the Catalog wasn’t showing all pricing tiers.

  • These items were missing from the Dutchie POS user interface, so we've added them:

    • Actions > Refresh option on the Integration Audit page

    • Sold On date in Inventory Transactions History.

  • Massachusetts: The modal that appears after selecting Settings > Integrations > MassCIP > Actions > Users was too narrow to read and couldn’t be expanded.

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