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Dutchie POS (formerly LeafLogix)

Dutchie POS updates for the week of December 12

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Version 1.33 - rolling out the week of December 12

This release includes fixes for the following issues in LeafLogix and Dutchie POS:

  • Reporting of Wholesale Transfers to Metrc incorrectly references the Inventory PackageID field rather than the External PackageID field.

  • The Void Report shows either a blank value or the signed-in budtender’s PIN where it should show the manager PIN that was used to authorize the void.

  • An issue that could cause a duplicate transaction posting to Metrc when the Metrc integration setting Capture Receipt IDs is turned on.

  • A “package not found” error message when scanning products into a cart.

  • BI tools: Order Type data displays on separate lines as “In Store” and “In-Store.” We’re pushing a fix to make the nomenclature consistent and show the data on one line.

  • Florida: We’re addressing an issue where delivery orders marked ready for delivery are incorrectly shown as exceeding the patient’s allotment.

  • Minnesota: It’s been reported to our team that LeafLogix/Dutchie POS is unnecessarily attempting to report voids of non-cannabis sales to MDH, which causes an error message because there is no corresponding sale in the MDH system. We’re updating our MDH integration so that voids are only reported for sales that include cannabis items.

Already released

We recently fixed the following issues in Dutchie POS:

  • The Of age field under Settings > Location in Dutchie POS incorrectly showed a blank value when there was a value set in the back end that was visible in LeafLogix.

  • After scanning a plant into retirement, the Barcode field didn’t automatically clear for the next entry.

  • Users were experiencing timeouts or browser errors when creating 50 or more packages.

  • The Package history modal didn’t respect the user’s Default table rows setting.

  • When a user sorted a column in the Inventory table and then exported the table, the export didn’t reflect the same sorting.

  • Delivery appeared on the Backoffice sidebar for locations that hadn’t enabled delivery or wholesale options.

  • Retired products were loading in the Catalog when the Show Products that have been retired filter was disabled.

  • We enhanced the usability of the Cultivation > Plants and Products > Manifests tables by showing more rows of data.

  • The Batch mode logs table incorrectly showed No data available after a user changed the date range.

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