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Dutchie POS (formerly LeafLogix)

Dutchie POS updates for the week of August 29

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Improvements and bug fixes | Version 1.19 | Rolling out the week of August 29:

  • Dispensaries that offer delivery can now configure a default delivery time window for orders where the customer didn't specify a time window.

  • The Add to Order feature in the inventory grid now allows users to set the unit price to match the unit cost when adding an item to a manifest. 

  • We’ve updated how and when the Rec Flower Equiv and Med Flower Equiv fields display in Dutchie POS. Going forward, users will only be able to see the Rec Flower Equiv and Med Flower Equiv fields if the feature flag Use Both Med & Rec Flower Equiv is enabled. If the feature flag is disabled, users will only see the Flower Equiv field.

  • When creating a transfer, new functionality will allow users to reset the unit cost of the item to the unit cost associated with the Catalog at the receiving location. The checkbox option allows users to use the costs at the receiving location instead of the values provided in the transfer manifest. 

  • We’ve resolved an issue that prevented the Inventory Cost of Goods Snapshot report from populating information when emailed to recipients.

  • We’ve addressed a potential error that left sales in Batch Mode processing. Sales are no longer stuck in Batch Mode and will get pushed to Metrc. 

  • Cashiers can now retrieve allotments and complete transactions without errors from MassCIP.   

  • We have updated the product conversion calculator to only record conversions once. Previously, users had issues with the conversion modal converting more product than what was entered. 

  • We’ve fixed an issue in the Product Journal that prevented users from changing a product back to its original name after it had previously been changed. 

  • We’ve resolved an issue in the Receive Detail modal that caused discrepancies between the expiration date set by the processing facility and the receiving location. Expiration and packaging dates for products should transfer correctly when receiving internal transfers from location to location. 

  • We’ve resolved a Catalog issue that caused tags not to populate after test results were scanned and saved. Tags now remain populated.

  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevented users with the necessary permissions from accessing the POS.

  • We’ve addressed an issue that prevented the Batch ID field from auto-filling with the Package ID after saving the Receive Details. The Batch ID field will autofill with the Package ID consistently as typed.

  • Some users reported being unable to sign in to Dutchie Register terminals when the Assign POS Registers to Physical Hardware feature flag is enabled. Budtenders can now sign in to the assigned egister when the flag is enabled.

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