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Dutchie POS updates: Dynamic delivery and Trym integration

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

New features

  • Dynamic delivery features are now available to all California and Michigan locations. These features support a delivery model where drivers carry unordered inventory and can fulfill orders directly from their vehicle, also known as the “ice cream truck” model. Learn more about dynamic delivery in the Help Center, and reach out to support to have these features enabled.

  • We’ve launched a new integration with Trym cultivation software for Metrc states! Learn more in the Help Center, and reach out to support for pricing and further details about enabling this integration.

  • Transfer manifests now include a field for Shipping charges. Shipping charges entered on a manifest are automatically recorded when the manifest is received so there is no need to manually enter the correct shipping charge at the receiving location. Learn more in the Help Center.

  • The wholesale manifests list now shows Subtotal, Discounts, Credits, and Total so you can see these details at a glance without clicking into manifests.


We've recently released fixes for the following issues:

  • Some delivery sales were misclassified as in-store transactions on the Sales Transactions by Date report

  • Delivery threshold entries with decimals appeared to save successfully but were actually recorded as a null value and the field showed No max upon refreshing the page. We’ve updated the threshold fields so they only accept whole-dollar amounts.

  • Metrc user API keys were not saving properly or were overwritten with a null value when a user updated and saved other settings in Settings > Account.

  • Users couldn’t edit the Total package cost field in Receive history.

  • The Dutchie POS API was not transmitting patient qualifying conditions to integrated systems.

  • Lab result QR codes were printed on labels in the wrong size and position and didn’t match the label preview, causing QR codes that were cut off and unscannable.

  • The Discount Detail Report didn’t show the approving manager for certain manual discounts.

  • After checking in an anonymous guest and returning to the Guest List, the anonymous guest's cart couldn’t be reopened and the error message Patient’s Driver’s License has expired appeared.

  • Users couldn’t perform an inventory lookup for 16-digit inventory IDs.

  • When viewing the Guest List in List view, users could only see 25 orders at a time. Switching to Column view showed all orders.

  • The Tax per unit of received inventory wasn’t consistently reflected in the Total on the receive screen or the Total cost in the line item view.

  • After adjusting the Table settings in Receive history, attempting to adjust the table settings in other areas of the Backoffice produced a generic error message.

  • Some users got a “datetime data type” error when trying to receive inventory.

  • Printed receipts reflected incorrect mix-and-match discount applications on some line items. Discounts were applied accurately on the register, and receipts still reflected accurate totals.

  • A “transaction deadlock” error message appeared intermittently when adding items to a cart.

  • In Marketing > Discounts, when a user clicked on a Springbig discount with no expiration date, an “Error converting value {null}” message appeared. We’ve corrected this issue so the Backoffice accepts Springbig discounts with no expiration.

  • Hawaii: Time stamps in the Fee/Donation Transactions report did not reflect the accurate local time.

  • Canada: The Delivery Zone configuration in the Backoffice wasn’t accepting Canadian postal codes.

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