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Dutchie POS updates: Bulk receive, CFD, and Guest List enhancements

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

New features

  • Create filters in Dutchie Plus based on Dutchie POS Product Tags. Dutchie Plus users can now organize products and create custom sections on their ecommerce sites based on fully customizable Product Tags from Dutchie POS.

  • When receiving inventory through a bulk CSV upload, you can now map a column in the CSV to the Grams/Concentration field in Dutchie POS.

  • The Customer-Facing Display hardware has an improved visual experience with a new cart display and transaction summary, plus a new option to upload your own custom-branded wallpaper.

  • We’ve improved the drag-and-drop performance of Guest List cards.

  • Connecticut: We’ve updated patient profiles to support Connecticut’s patient allotment rules.

  • Missouri: We’ve added features and documentation to support Missouri’s newly launched adult-use market for hybrid licensees.


We’ve recently released fixes for the following issues:

  • After adding a "Strain > Type" Dimension to a BI explorer table, some results were incorrectly filtered out.

  • We addressed some Dutchie Register terminal connectivity issues affecting Zebra ZD410 label printers and Customer-Facing Displays.

  • Users couldn’t scan items into the Move individual barcodes window in Dutchie POS as they could in LeafLogix.

  • When a user tried to edit the date of an already-manifested wholesale order, the Save button in the Edit details modal was greyed out.

  • Some users were unable to save and upload CSV files for bulk inventory receiving.

  • The Select provider dropdown in Dutchie POS under Settings > Location > Delivery Settings showed a blank value instead of the actual value in the database (None or Onfleet).

  • The Total package cost field failed to auto-populate when receiving a package.

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