Dutchie Product Team
Dutchie POS (formerly LeafLogix)

Dutchie POS 1.87: Sortable price columns in Inventory; Regala settlement report; fixes

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Projected release dates: 2/12/24-2/16/24. Subject to change.


Backoffice - Inventory

We’re adding new sortable price columns to the Inventory table in the Backoffice, updating the names of some existing columns, and adding tooltip descriptions to clarify their meaning and source.

New sortable columns (shown as separate Med and Rec columns when dual pricing is enabled)

  • Price (Catalog)

  • Location price (Catalog)

  • Unit price (Inventory)

The existing Price column will change to Current price (also shown as separate Med and Rec columns when dual pricing is enabled) and will remain non-sortable.

Backoffice - Tags

New guardrail: when deleting a tag from Products > Configure, a confirmation prompt will show any products, inventory items, or discounts associated with the tag so the user understands the consequences of deleting that tag. We plan to add similarly detailed confirmation prompts in other areas of Dutchie POS in future releases.

Backoffice - Reports

Regala Settlement Report: This new report will show all transactions associated with a Regala payment during a specified date range from one or all locations. Find it under Reports > Operations.

Backoffice - Integrations

Ontario: A Submit inventory levels button will be added to the OCS integration settings page to manually sync inventory levels with the new OCS data platform. Inventory levels will sync automatically on a nightly basis; this button can be used as a backup or for an off-schedule sync.


Backoffice - Manifests

  • This release addresses an issue when a user is attempting to return items to a vendor, the message "Error with integrated system: BioTrack: You specified [inventory identifier] more than once in your request" prevents the user from completing the order and submitting the manifest.

  • Washington: This release will resolve an issue that has prevented users from successfully exporting WCIA-compliant JSON files from a transfer manifest.

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