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Dutchie POS 1.85: New side navigation in the Register; important compliance message for Nevada

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team



We’re launching a new Register experience designed to increase efficiency and speed by reducing the clicks required to navigate through core parts of the menu. Icons for each menu item will persist on the left side of the screen, with an expand/collapse option. Combined with a slightly narrower header bar, this change also helps optimize screen space, especially for smaller devices.

Change location and Change register options will move to the left side, and the Fleet menu will be nested under Delivery.

Company name, location name, register name, and user name remain in the upper right. Click the user name to log out.

We plan to roll out these changes beginning February 5 (subject to change).

Backoffice - Inventory

Set a default behavior for fetching BioTrack lab results when receiving: When Use BioTrack Lab Data is enabled, you can now also specify in the integration settings whether Get BioTrack lab results should default to Yes or No. Visit the Help Center for more information about fetching lab results and related settings.


Version 1.85 includes a fix to ensure UPC data from Inventory and the Catalog is reflected in BI Tools. This is planned for deployment during the week of January 29.

Nevada pre-rolls update

The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board has asked all cultivators to change pre-rolls from quantity-based (“each”) units to weight-based (grams) in Metrc. Moving forward, this should happen at the cultivation or wholesale level. 

Retailers can and should continue to keep pre-roll inventory in Dutchie POS as quantity-based units and should not convert pre-rolls to weight-based.

When you sell from a package that is quantity-based in Dutchie POS but weight-based in Metrc, the weight in the package-level Grams per concentration field in Dutchie POS is deducted from the package in Metrc. Therefore, as long as the per-unit weight is accurately recorded at the package level for all pre-rolls in Dutchie POS, no action is required.

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