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Dutchie POS (formerly LeafLogix)

Dutchie POS 1.84: Discount sync reliability improvements; Springbig and Alpine IQ discount updates

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Projected release dates: 1/22/24-1/26/24, unless otherwise noted. Subject to change.


Dutchie Ecommerce Integration

Discount Sync reliability improvements allow Dutchie Ecommerce to more accurately capture weight and product restrictions on Dutchie POS discounts, reducing the occurrence of missing promotions and product misalignment with specials on menus. This change automatically applies to all customers who are enrolled in the Discount Sync V2 beta and have Discount Sync V2 enabled.



  • Today, January 18, we’re rolling out a fix for an issue that resulted in incorrect discount calculations for locations using both tax-inclusive (out-the-door) pricing and gross tax rates. This fix may cause discounts in the cart to appear lower than intended, however they are accurate based on the gross tax rates.

  • We’re implementing the following changes to help avoid the misapplication of Springbig and Alpine IQ discounts:

    • A new in-app warning will inform users when they enter an External ID that is already in use by another Springbig or Alpine IQ discount.

    • If there are multiple existing discounts with the same External ID, the Register will choose which discount to apply based on the following criteria:

      • Created most recently

      • Is not restricted from the location where it is being applied

      • The discount matches the method in which it was applied (i.e., Apply SB will only pull Springbig discounts)

    • The Apply discount method to field, which does not apply to Alpine IQ or Springbig discounts, will no longer appear in the Advanced Options for those discounts.

Register - Cart

This release includes a fix to ensure cart items appear in the same order that they were scanned, with preorder items remaining at the top.

Backoffice - Registers

This version fixes an issue where closing out a register with a negative balance in the Backoffice results in the shortage incorrectly appearing as a positive amount in the vault register. This issue does not affect closeouts performed in the Register.

Backoffice - Inventory

We’re addressing an issue affecting receiving inventory via a bulk CSV upload where mapping an Inventory Field Name to a CSV Column Name clears the previous field mapping, preventing users from proceeding with the upload.

Backoffice - Cultivation

Packages transferred from Cultivation to Inventory have a null value for Cost. With this fix, the package will inherit the Cost value from its associated Catalog product.


We will be deploying fixes related to Colorado “Use by” dates:

  • A time of day appears next to the “Use by” date on labels. This is not necessary and will be removed.

  • “Use by” dates will be captured and persist after completing an internal transfer.

  • If a null "Use by" date is received from Metrc, Dutchie POS will leave it as null instead of defaulting to today’s date.

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