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Dutchie POS (formerly LeafLogix)

Dutchie POS 1.83: UX and workflow enhancements for customer profiles, label editor, and plant scanning in Cultivation

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Projected release dates: 1/16/24-1/19/24. Subject to change.


Register - Customers

UX improvements for customer profile: When creating or editing a customer profile in the Register, the Check in, Create order, Cancel, and Save buttons will be contained in a static header that stays in place as you scroll, along with:

  • Hover state on buttons

  • Focus state on the selected field

  • Customer Info: [name] becomes just [name]

  • Created on [date] becomes Customer since [month] [year]

  • The Check in caregiver button will only appear for medical customer types

  • When a profile is accessed from the cart, the Create order button will instead be labeled Return to cart

  • When a user tries to navigate away from the profile with unsaved changes, they’ll be prompted to save or discard their changes.

Note: We originally announced these changes on October 18, 2023, but the release was rolled back due to a now-resolved issue. Expect to see these changes during the week of January 16 or shortly thereafter.

Backoffice - Settings

On the Edit label page in the Backoffice, the Fields table will be expanded across the full width of the browser window for better visibility.

Register - Guest list

Virginia: When a patient’s registry ID is expired, users cannot check that patient in. Based on consultation with state regulators, we’re deploying changes to this behavior so the Register will show a warning but still allow check-in unless the patient’s written certification is expired.

Backoffice - Cultivation

  • When scanning plants into a room or harvest, or to retire plants, a “duplicate scan” message will alert users if they’ve scanned the same plant more than once.

  • To reduce clicks when scanning plants into a harvest, the cursor will automatically appear in the Serial number field (when Collect weight? = no) or the Harvest weight field (when Collect weight? = yes).


Backoffice - Inventory

  • This release includes a fix that ensures expiration and manufacturing dates are accurately reflected in the Backoffice UI.

  • We’re addressing an issue that may prevent successfully fetching Metrc lab results for some locations.

Traceability & Compliance

This version includes improvements to the Metrc Batch Mode submission flow so that we never queue a receipt until the POS checkout is 100% complete. This fixes rare occurrences of Batch Mode reporting errors such as “Can’t submit to Metrc - the POS checkout has failed” and even rarer occurrences of submitting receipts to Metrc for failed POS transactions that were later cancelled.

Register - Cart

  • Users report that the Register allows negative loyalty point balances to be redeemed on transactions. This version includes a fix that eliminates this scenario.

  • Users report being unable to load the Products list on the Register unless they open a cart first. This version includes a fix to make the Products list visible pre-cart.

Backoffice - Reports

Oregon: This release resolves an issue where running the Oregon Tax Report by Category, removing the Total Discounts column, then running the report again and exporting it results in missing data for other columns in the export.

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