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Dutchie POS (formerly LeafLogix)

Dutchie POS 1.82: Streamlined redemption for Ecommerce coupons; MS compliance updates

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Projected release dates: 1/8/24-1/12/24. Subject to change.


Register - Discounts

Streamlined redemption for Dutchie Ecommerce coupons: When a consumer enters a coupon code on Dutchie Ecommerce that matches a discount code in your integrated Dutchie POS location, the discount will be automatically applied to the cart and will be reflected in Dutchie POS reporting. Redemption limits configured in Dutchie POS will also be enforced on Dutchie Ecommerce. Please note that the Dutchie Ecommerce coupon and corresponding Dutchie POS discount must still be configured separately and the codes must be an exact match.

Backoffice - Inventory

In the Inventory table, the column label Effective Potency MG will be renamed to Calculated THC (MG) for clarity and improved searchability in the Column configuration window. You can use this column to sort the inventory table by THC potency.


Mississippi: The MMCEU Calculator will be removed from the customer profile and will be replaced with the customer’s Current MMCEU Allotment from Metrc so users will know exactly how much a customer can purchase without manually checking the allotment in Metrc or updating allotments in Dutchie POS. In the cart, the Weekly Limit and Monthly Limit tabs will be removed and the MMCEU Limit will reflect current MMCEUs in cart compared to the MMCEs allowed based on Metrc data. If the limit is exceeded, the sale is blocked and an error message displays the excess amount in both grams and MMCEUs. Learn more in the Help Center.


Register - Cart

  • Users have reported an issue where medical-only products could be sold to recreational customers if a non-medical product with the same serial number exists. With this fix, the Register will use the package ID to determine if a product is medical-only instead of the serial number.

  • When manually applying a percentage-based discount where the percentage value includes a decimal, the percentage is incorrectly rounded down. This version includes a fix that ensures the precise percentage is used and the discount amount is calculated properly.

Register - Customers

When creating a new patient profile, an “Unsaved Changes” message prevents some users from switching between the Personal and Medical tabs. With this update, customer profile fields will remain in a “pending” state, allowing users to switch between tabs without clicking Save.

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