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Dutchie POS 1.76: Further updates and enhancements to the Inventory list; new ability to backdate plant moves in Cultivation

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Projected release dates: 11/6/23-11/10/23


Backoffice - Inventory

You can now sort by the Effective Potency MG column on the Inventory table to verify total THC lab results. If a package’s lab results are in milligrams, this column will reflect the milligram value. If the lab results are a percentage, this column will reflect the percentage multiplied by the package weight. We suggest displaying this column next to the THC column so you can see the unit of measure.

Backoffice - Cultivation

This version adds the option to backdate the action of moving plants between rooms in the Cultivation module.


This version includes fixes for the following issues:

Backoffice - Inventory

  • The Inventory lookup option is missing from the Actions menu on the Inventory page for locations where the track by inventory ID feature is enabled.

  • The Inventory table currently only shows flower equivalencies that are defined at the package level. This fix will make it so that product-level flower equivalencies are also shown where applicable.

  • Users cannot filter the Inventory table based on a category if that category’s name includes a comma. To address this, commas will no longer be an accepted character when creating or editing category names. Commas in existing category names will be changed to hyphens.

Backoffice - Fees & donations

  • When configuring certain types of fees with Taxable set to Yes, users cannot select a tax rate.

  • New York: We’re addressing an issue with the recently released Cannabis Fee Tax Exemption setting where sales tax could still be incorrectly added to cannabis products through delivery fees.

Register - Cart

When a user enters a target price for a weight-based product assigned to a pricing tier, the register does not calculate the correct weight.

Dutchie POS Public API

The /reporting/loyalty-snapshot endpoint isn't getting current data due to update-acct-cache being unable to update loyalty stats per customer.

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