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Dutchie POS 1.75: Updates to discount settings in the POS and Automating weighing workflows

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Projected release dates: 10/30/23-11/3/23


Backoffice - Discounts

New Discounts features are here just in time for the Green Wednesday and Black Friday wave. We are adding a new field that allows retailers to set the total number of redemptions allowed when creating a ‘by-code’ style discount in the Backoffice. Go to Products > Discounts > Options to set your Redemptions limit for discounts. These types of discounts can be added to a coupons or barcodes and used at checkout, see Create a code discount.

Backoffice - Settings

We are updating the weighing workflow to automatically update pricing for retailers that choose to weigh heavy in deli-style environments. In Settings > Location, when the dispense weight vs. actual weight contains a value and the Auto Adjust Weight Override setting is enabled, when the weight of the product falls within the dispense weight vs. actual weight threshold, users will no longer need to override at the register.


Register - Cart

We’re deploying a fix for an issue where orders marked for delivery could not be canceled in Metrc. We added a warning to alert customers when canceling an order that has already been marked Out For Delivery, they will also need to update the order in Metrc.

This version includes a fix for an issue where a Dutchie Pay delivery transaction was able to process without entering a cash amount.


We’re fixing an issue where the wrong tax information is being passed to Biotrack for users in New Mexico. Tax information was miscalculated in Dutchie POS due to certain settings not being accounted for.

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