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Dutchie POS 1.74: UX improvements for customer profiles; updated workflow and Metrc integration for applying nutrients in Cultivation

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Projected release dates: 10/23/23-10/27/23


UX improvements for customer profile

When creating or editing a customer profile in the Register, the Check in, Create order, Cancel, and Save buttons will be contained in a static header that stays in place as you scroll, along with:

  • Hover state on buttons

  • Focus state on the selected field

  • Customer Info: [name] becomes just [name]

  • Created on [date] becomes Customer since [month] [year]

  • The Check in caregiver button will only appear for medical customer types

  • When a profile is accessed from the cart, the Create order button will instead be labeled Return to cart

  • When a user tries to navigate away from the profile with unsaved changes, they’ll be prompted to save or discard their changes.

Cultivation updates

  • Beginning next week we’re rolling out a new and improved workflow for creating and adding nutrients including inventory tracking, cost tracking, and Metrc reporting for applied nutrients and their active ingredients. Learn more in the Help Center.

  • The Convert Clones to Plants modal will be updated to match current Dutchie POS design conventions and features.

  • When selecting Clone from Plant, the user is prompted to create a batch and select a strain. Then the user is given the option to assign a mother plant and again select a strain, which was already done in the previous step. To improve this workflow and safeguard against mistakes, the plant and mother’s original strain is selected by default, but can still be edited.

Other enhancements

  • Oklahoma: We’re enabling our existing user-specific Metrc API keys feature for Oklahoma locations to support new state requirements. Learn how to add individual user API keys to Dutchie POS user profiles.

  • Hide empty rooms in inventory list filters: To help streamline auditing and searching for specific products, the Rooms filter on the Inventory list will include an option to hide rooms where all inventory items have zero quantity.


Version 1.74 also includes a fix for an issue where discounts configured to apply to Just one item are being applied to all items in the cart.

We’re also deploying a fix for an issue where updating a product’s unit of measure in the Catalog also changes the unit of measure for associated inventory items, leading to conversion issues. This fix is scheduled for October 17.

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