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Dutchie POS 1.64: Updated Reports UI, descriptions, and permissions; improved discount display in cart

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Projected release dates: 8/14/23-8/18/23


Backoffice - Reports

Updated user interface, descriptions, and permissions for Backoffice reports

We’re rolling out the following improvements to make reports easier to navigate and understand while also enhancing user access controls:

  • Reducing the number of reporting categories from 17 to 7.

  • Reports will be displayed in a table view similar to other areas of the Backoffice.

  • New and improved tooltip descriptions for individual reports.

  • New Type column for areas of reporting that have multiple types of reports.

  • Select your favorite reports by clicking the heart icon. These reports will appear on the Reports Overview page for quick access.

  • A back button will be added to individual report views.

  • New user permissions settings will give admins the ability to control which users can view which reporting categories.

In the Closing report, we’re removing “w/Tax” from the field labels Cannabis Sales w/Tax and Non-Cannabis Sales w/Tax to more accurately reflect the data shown.

Register - Cart

Currently, all applied discounts are shown as a percentage on the applicable line item, even if the discount is amount-based. This update will show amount-based discounts as a dollar amount instead of a percentage.


Backoffice - Discounts

Users will no longer see an error that intermittently prevents them from copying discounts.

Backoffice - Products

Canada: Users will once again be able to copy missing products from the provincial catalog when receiving inventory.


Louisiana: Transaction data submitted to PMP will include the Sold Date, which is currently omitted.

Dutchie Public API

This release improves the performance of the API.Customer view in a paginated query.

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