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Dutchie POS 1.63: Delivery zones by city, reporting improvements

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Projected release dates: 8/7/23-8/11/23


Backoffice - Delivery

Delivery zones by city: In addition to delivery zones based on a radius, zip code, or county, we’re adding the ability to set up delivery zones by city to enable the accurate collection of local taxes based on municipal boundaries.

Backoffice - Products

Users will be able to reduce data entry for non-cannabis items in the Catalog & Package Detail pages by selecting Required if Cannabis for additional fields in Products > Configure > Fields.

Backoffice - Reports

  • In the Inventory Adjustments - Adjust report, we’re adding a new field to the right of InventoryComment called InventoryReason that shows the reason code separately from the comment.

  • New York: This release includes updates to the NY OCM Package Products Report in response to new requirements and guidance from OCM.

Register - Transaction details

We’re adding tracking of the pharmacist verification workflow to the guest transaction history in the Register.


Register - Guest profile

Connecticut: When a user adds an External Dispensed amount into a guest's profile it will no longer be combined with the Internal Dispensed value after a sale. The expected behavior is that Internal Dispensed should only be affected by sales.

Register - Delivery

The Concentrate Weight column for delivery vehicles will no longer reflect the total weight of all cannabis products in the vehicle and will once again reflect the weight of concentrates only.

Register - Cart

  • When users click the X icon on a line item to remove a discount, the discount will be removed only from that line item. A bug has been causing the discount to be removed from all products in the cart.

  • This version includes a fix to ensure transactions backdated in Dutchie POS will once again be reported to Metrc with the selected date instead of the current date.

Backoffice - Settings

  • This version includes a fix to ensure the Dispense weight vs actual weight threshold setting is enforced in the Register.

  • When the API key for Onfleet integration is invalid, admins have been unable to access the Onfleet Integration Settings page to update the API key. We’re introducing a fix to resolve this issue.

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