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Dutchie Ecommerce x LeafLogix Feature Update

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

LeafLogix | Dutchie Ecommerce Discount Sync Integration

The LeafLogix Discount Sync for sales is now live for all Leaflogix customers using the Dutchie Ecommerce integration. This new feature allows dispensaries to easily create and manage sales discounts within their POS, which automatically populates them across their ecommerce menus.

Why it matters

Prior to the release of LeafLogix Discount Sync, Dutchie and LeafLogix customers were spending too much time duplicating their sales discounts between both systems, while also needing to ensure any updates made in one system were accurately reflected in the other. Now, when you add discounts in LeafLogix, they are automatically added to Dutchie.

To learn more about the LeafLogix Discount Sync integration, please visit our Help Center.

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