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Dutchie Ecommerce: SMS/email notification updates, support for additional terpenes, and more.

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Here’s what’s new in Dutchie Ecommerce:


SMS notifications update: In an effort to move towards a hybrid communication model, starting this month consumers will no longer receive “Order Submitted” or “Order Confirmed” SMS notifications. Consumers will continue to receive SMS notifications when their order is ready for pickup or delivery.

Beginning next week, you will be able to enable order status notifications via email:

  1. In Dutchie Admin, navigate to Settings > Options and check the box for Order Status Emails.

  2. Optionally, check the box for Require email address for guest checkout to ensure guest emails are collected.

Support for additional terpenes: We’re expanding our library of available terpenes so you can give your customers more detailed product information. In order to move quickly and support as many terpenes as possible, we are discontinuing illustrated icons for terpenes.

Dutchie Plus menus will now have the ability to filter menus by Multiple Categories, Subcategories, and Strains.


On receipts for in-store pickup orders, the pickup time was separated into two lines. This fix adjusts the formatting so the pickup time always appears on one line.

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