Dutchie Product Team

Dutchie Ecommerce: Discount sync improvements, additional character limits on order fields, and fixes

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Here's what's new in Dutchie Ecommerce:


  • Discount Sync reliability improvements allow Dutchie Ecommerce to more accurately capture weight and product restrictions on Dutchie POS discounts, reducing the occurrence of missing promotions and product misalignment with specials on menus. This change automatically applies to all customers who are enrolled in the Discount Sync V2 beta and have Discount Sync V2 enabled.

  • We’ve implemented additional character limits on order entry fields to prevent abuse and excessively long order printouts.


We’ve released fixes to address the following issues:

  • Discounts sometimes disappeared from the user interface at checkout if the consumer tried to place the order before filling in all required details. This was only a visual bug, and the discount was still correctly applied once the order was successfully placed.

  • Typing a “0” after a decimal point in certain lab results fields deleted the decimal and prevented users from entering values such as 10.05.

  • Montana: Flower equivalencies were not correctly enforced for recreational purchases.

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