Dutchie Product Team

Dutchie Ecommerce: Character limit for Special Instructions field, compliance updates for CO, CT, OR, and NV; fixes

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Here's what's new in Dutchie Ecommerce:

  • To limit the length of printed order receipts, the Special Instructions fields for both regular and kiosk checkout are now limited to 500 characters.

  • Colorado: Per updated online order requirements taking effect January 8, a pregnancy warning and a link to Regulated Marijuana Concentrate educational materials will appear above the Place Order button. By placing an order, customers will acknowledge receipt of these materials.

  • We’ve updated purchase limits for Connecticut, Nevada, and Oregon according to recent rule changes.

  • We’ve deployed a fix for an issue where Dutchie POS lab results were displayed as a percentage over 100%.

  • Some locations using drawn zones with scheduled ordering reported that delivery limits for assigned time slots were being exceeded. We determined the cause of this issue was that a now-deprecated Order Limits setting wasn’t previously turned on. We’ve deployed a fix so that order limits are always enforced when the drawn zones feature is turned on.

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