Dutchie Product Team

Dutchie Ecommerce: Additional strain types and potency source configuration for Dutchie POS integration

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

Here’s what’s new in Dutchie Ecommerce:

Additional strain types

Strain types from Dutchie POS that were previously missing in Dutchie Ecommerce are now supported, including:

  • Indica-Hybrid

  • Sativa-Hybrid

  • THC

  • 1 to 1

  • 2 to 1

  • 5 to 1

  • 10 to 1

  • 20 to 1

  • 50 to 1

When products are uploaded to Dutchie Ecommerce via Menu Connector, any product containing the above strains from Dutchie POS will automatically receive the matching strain. These additional strain types will also be added to the consumer-facing filter options on your menu.

Potency source configuration

Dutchie POS integration settings now allow you to specify the source of potency information listed in Dutchie Ecommerce for each major product type. Previously, these potency sources could only be configured on your behalf by Dutchie Support but are now available to dispensary admins. Visit the Help Center for details.

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