Dutchie Product Team
Dutchie POS (formerly LeafLogix)

Compliance enhancements and bug fixes

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

New features and improvements

Update delivery manifest arrival time based on Mobile Checkout tender: By default, arrival times on delivery manifests are based on the requested delivery time that the customer entered when they placed the order or an estimated delivery time that a dispatcher entered in the POS. To improve the accuracy of arrival times reported on delivery manifests, you can now enable a location setting that updates the arrival time based on when the sale was completed in Mobile Checkout. Learn more in the Help Center.

Users are now required to move inventory before deleting a Room. Previously, it was possible to delete a Room that contained inventory without first moving the inventory to another Room.

Washington: In accordance with updated CCRS requirements, Dutchie POS has renamed the following column headers in CCRS sales exports and automated reporting:

  • SalesTax is now RetailSalesTax

  • OtherTax is now CannabisExciseTax


We’ve recently released fixes for the following issues:

  • Mother/source plant serial numbers weren’t appearing in the plant journal.

  • Blank customer profiles with no names or transaction history appeared in the Backoffice and the Register.

  • An error message "The Conversion of a datetime2 data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value" appeared for some users when they tried to receive inventory.

  • Manual discounts that take an amount off the cart total, distributed among every item were incorrectly counted as multiple redemptions. This prevented users from applying the discount if it also had a per-customer limit that was less than the number of items in the cart. Such discounts will now be counted as a single redemption regardless of the number of items in the cart.

  • The register could record a duplicate cash drop if a user double-clicked the Save button.

  • New York MCDMS integration: A generic “Error loading cart” message appeared in fulfillment carts due to an expired patient ID. This error persisted even after the patient ID was updated, preventing users from adding items to the cart. We’ve corrected the patient ID validation issue, and we’ve made a separate update so that detailed error messages from MCDMS appear in the cart.

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