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LeafLogix Feature Updates

AUTHOR: Dutchie Product Team

User permissions

New user permission for Costs of Goods Sold (COGS) on dashboard reports

A new permission has been added to LeafLogix under Maintenance → Users → View Permissions → Dashboards and Maintenance → Users → Change Permissions → Dashboards that allow Superusers to limit another user's ability to view Cost of Good Sold reporting when viewing Dashboard Reports.

Inventory auditing

Navigate to package history from inventory audits

This release adds a direct link to the package ID that makes it easier for users to navigate to the package history view from an inventory audit screen.

Add packages to inventory audits

When performing an inventory audit by room, users can now add additional packages to an existing audit record.

Move package quantities during inventory audits

When performing an inventory audit by room, users can now update package quantities for the room during the audit without submitting an adjustment or leaving the audit view.

Learn more in the Dutchie Help Center

LeafLogix API

LeafLogix public API - additions to the products post endpoint

When posting inventory through the LeafLogix API, we’ve added additional support when creating your products outside of LeafLogix.

  • Gross weight (formatted the same as net weight)

  • Taxable (a “Yes” or “No” value where the default is “Yes”)

  • Tax categories (a set of tax category names to be passed in a comma-delimited list)

LeafLogix public API - posting to inventory

When posting to the public API and the receive inventory endpoint, the expiration date and package ID can now be left empty. For customers who want these data points validated upon completion of the received package, they’ll need to enable form validation for these values to ensure the receiving process from an inventory upload validates these two fields.

Learn more in the Dutchie Help Center


Discounts by customer type

When creating or updating a discount, we’ve added the ability to limit which customers can redeem a discount at checkout, based on their customer type.

Discount by product tag

We’ve also added the ability for users to specify discountable items by product tags.

Learn more in the Dutchie Help Center

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